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YOKS has been providing professional transportation services over the years—since its inception about 14 years ago—for Ghana’s blue-chip companies, multi-nationals, and individuals.
Safety, reliability, reputation, and integrity are some of the hallmark qualities of YOKS.

The company has strategically been transformed from its beginnings as a sole proprietorship with a one-car-business into a notable main player in the industry that offers complete transport management services in its market.

Various awards over the past years give emphasis to the high quality service and competence of YOKS: National Tourism Awards, for Best Car Rental Company in 2012 & 2013, Chartered Institute Of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) Awards for Hospitality Facility of Year in 2012, 2013 & 2014, and Ghana Business & Financial Services Excellence Gold Awards in 2013.





Seth Yeboah Ocran

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Seth Yeboah Ocran is the Founder/Executive Chairman of YOKS Investments Limited. With Subsidiaries such as YOKS Rent –A-Car, YOKS Travel and Tours and Tourists Watch Limited.
Mr. Ocran was born on 2nd March, 1971 to the late Samuel Kojo Ocran and Alice Adukwei Acquaye at Kpeve in the Volta Region, he is the last born of a family of Nineteen.
He Started School at the Dodofie Local Authority Primary School and continued at Osu Salem Four Primary School, he continued at Manhean Five & Six Middle School also in Osu where he obtained his Middle school leaving certificate.

William Burckson

Executive Director

William Burckson, is a Director of YOKS. He brings on board specialized knowledge in leasing and Asset Finance to strengthen YOKS’ corporate strategy on a macro level. William is easily described as a dynamic speaker, trainer and presenter, who is self-driven, highly focused and a results-oriented professional.
William is a visionary, analytical and a problem-solver endowed with demonstrated capacity to lead and support complex, deadline-driven operations. He is married, and while at Stanbic Bank’s Vehicle Asset Finance division, he managed and reported on a lease portfolio valued between Ghs30m-40m.

Sylvia N. O. Amporful

General Manager

Sylvia Naa Odarley Amporful, is the General Manager of YOKS, and complements the CEO to provide direction and leadership towards the company’s mission, strategy, and annual goals and objectives.
Mrs. Amporful has worked with various companies in the areas of customer service, product development and marketing. At YOKS, she handles the day to day administration of YOKS and works closely with the Fleet Manager for coordination of drivers and transport vehicles for clients.
Sylvia is married, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Steven Kofi Yeboah,

Steven Kofi Yeboah, as a Board Member of YOKS Investments Ltd, is a Chartered Surveyor and Real Estate practitioner and currently the Head of the Commercial Services Department of the Ghana Airport Company Ltd.
Mr. Yeboah has both development and management responsibilities over the Airport City Projects, Air Services Development, Air Cargo Operations and Airport Commercial Portfolio—at his current job position.
As member of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors, Institute of Facilities Management, UK and the Institute of Public Private Partnerships (IP3), Washington DC, USA, Mr. Yeboah is an established technocrat and corporate executive who offers long years of professional and managerial experience to the team.

Jeremiah Djangmah

Jeremiah Djangmah, as a Board Member and Executive Director of YOKS Investments Ltd, specializes in Finance (corporate financing, project finance, and trade finance), Corporate Development and Strategy, Marketing, and Crisis Management.
Mr. Djangmah has over 20 years of business management and entrepreneurial experience, and is currently a Partner at AW Capital Partners (UK based Financial & Management Consultancy Firm).
He is also a Financial Consultant and Advisor for the Glico Group, and works closely with its Executive Chairman on strategy and restructuring of the group holdings.


YOKS management team is headed by its CEO and Chairman Mr. Seth Yeboah Ocran; however management as a company culture begins from the bottom—starting from the car detailing personnel level through to administrative and executive level. Discipline, proficiency, cost effectiveness, and a commitment to ensuring quality, timely results and deliverables are at the core of each member of the YOKS team.

Provision of complete transportation services is a specialized field that requires specific types of professionals with the skill and ability to follow through on each and every client as a project to be managed using the same standard quality control procedures uniformly to deliver quality efficient timely services.

Continued improvement and team work are essential at YOKS; therefore senior management ensures that it takes the steps necessary at getting everybody on the same page and pulling in the same direction for operational efficiency and improved productivity—which will enable management work better as a whole.




Seth Yeboah Ocran is the Founder/Executive Chairman of YOKS Investments Limited. With Subsidiaries such as YOKS Rent –A-Car, YOKS Travel and Tours and Tourists Watch Limited.

Seth went into business soon after finishing school i.e. trotro mate. He also traded in stationary, Jewelry and Textiles. He left his private business to work with Vanef/Europcar as a driver and Sales Representative .

Seth returned to his private business, where he set up YOKS Investment Limited in 2001 as a sole proprietorship with just one-Car.

Throughout his career, Seth has demonstrated continuous leadership in business excellence, strategic thinking and project execution. He is an award –wining entrepreneur, he believes in Integrity, Humility and “Believing in Oneself”. Seth has featured in public speaking engagements aimed at promoting “thoughtful” leadership, and also inspiring the youth to take their destiny into their own hands.
He drove and managed YOKS with a single-minded vision to become the reliable Car Rental company in the country.

Today, after over a decade, YOKS Investments Limited is now in an enviable position as the most reliable Car Rental / Transportation management company, within its industry in Ghana; with a highly recognized “brand” that equals and rivals any of the known international brands.

Seth’ ambition is to continue to build a world class business that is at par with any global company.




Sylvia Naa Odarley Amporful, is the General Manager of YOKS, and complements the CEO to provide direction and leadership towards the company’s mission, strategy, and annual goals and objectives.

Mrs. Amporful has worked with various companies in the areas of customer service, product development and marketing.

At YOKS, she handles the day to day administration of YOKS and works closely with the Fleet Manager for coordination of drivers and transport vehicles for clients.

Sylvia is married, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.




Mr. Aidoo plays a key role as Transport and Fleet Manger of YOKS. He is dedicated and committed to deliveries and distributions on schedule. He also ensures that the optimum amounts of vehicles are working at all times to meet customer demand.
Mr. Aidoo responsibility is vast in running the day to day operational aspect of the company. Planning, scheduling, compliance, complaints, marketing, coordinating staff (drivers) needs and tracking of vehicles are his primary roles.
Mr. Aidoo has strong technical skills and good interpersonal relationship skills. He holds a Mechanical Engineering background and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport of Ghana.




Angela Anyormisi is the Corporate Sales and Service Manager for YOKS investment. She is a self-motivated individual who is very good at understanding and matching customers’ needs and expectations.
She combines her passion for selling with achieving customer satisfaction at all times.
She has a strong background in the areas of customer service and achieving sales target. As a true professional, she will always go the extra mile to exceed customer expectations.
Her philosophy is that everyone has an important part to play in customer service and hence she works hard to identify the need of her staff.


Over the years , YOKS has set and raised standards in the Car Rental industry making us visible in the area of managing marketing performance, strategic marketing planning and customer care initiatives. For this unprecedented feat in the industry, YOKS has won these prestigious awards.

CIMG 2014
CIMG 2013
CIMG 2013
CIMG 2012
GTA 2012
CIMG 2012


The core business of the Company is vehicle rental and fleet management services. Over the years, however, YOKS has expanded its services within the hospitality sector to include a full service travel and tour operations, Meet & Greet and Airport Shuttle services YOKS goes the extra mile to ensure that its customers and clients receive world class service at the best rates.

This policy has been developed to define standards of conduct and establish mandatory training for YOKS staff that operates motor vehicles while conducting YOKS’ business. The primary goal of this policy is to help prevent accidents and minimize the risk of personal injury associated with those incidents.

This policy applies to individuals who are required to operate a motor vehicle, YOKS-owned or personally owned, to conduct YOKS business.

For the purpose of this policy, “motor vehicle minder” refers to any YOKS driver, who operates a motor vehicle while conducting YOKS business. “Frequently” shall be defined as once a week or more.


Driving History Review
A review of the driving history of all individuals will be conducted prior to hire, transfer or promotion into a position that requires the frequent operation of a motor vehicle for YOKS business. Persons applying for new employment will not be eligible for hire, and current YOKS employees will not be eligible for transfer or promotion into positions requiring them to frequently operate a motor vehicle if their driving history record reveals any of the following within the previous 24 months.

A revocation or suspension of driver’s license.
A major violation such as reckless driving, negligent driving, or driving under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substance.
Convictions for traffic offenses totaling six or more Motor Vehicle points within the last two years.
Current YOKS motor vehicle minder whose annual driving history review reveals any of the aforementioned will be placed on probation for two years with any subsequent violation resulting in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Driver’s License
All YOKS motor vehicle minder must be in possession of a valid driver’s license. They must also sign the Vehicle Use Acknowledgment Form that allows the Risk Management Officer to obtain minder’s driving records.
Vehicle Minder Responsibility

Motor vehicle minders must report all traffic citations received while on YOKS business to their department head. They must also report the onset of any physical or mental condition that may impair their ability to drive.

Motor vehicle minders are required to conduct a vehicle safety inspection prior to the operation of the vehicle. Windows and mirrors must be cleaned of dust. Deficiencies or any mechanical defect that would jeopardize the safe operation of the vehicle (such as a leaking gas line or overheating engine) must be corrected immediately. Vehicles found to be in unsafe condition are not to be operated until repairs are made. It is the responsibility of all motor vehicle minders to drive in a safe manner and conform to all applicable laws and regulations.

Motor vehicle minder must:

1. Wear seat belts/shoulder harnesses as provided in the vehicle.
2. Avoid wearing radio headsets or listening to loud music that would prevent them from hearing traffic warning devices.
3. Utilize mechanical and/or hand signals at all times to inform others of your intention.
4. Adhere to all YOKS Traffic and Parking Regulations when operating or parking a YOKS-owned vehicle.
5. Ensure that the vehicle is secured when parked by:
Turning the ignition switch off and removing the key.
Making sure that vans and all other vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions are placed in “park” and that vehicles equipped with manual transmissions are placed “in gear.”
Setting the hand brake.
Chocking the rear wheels of the vehicle, or turning the front wheels toward the curb when the vehicle is parked on an incline.

6. Ensure the safe transport of all materials and goods by:
Securely fastening all loads, regardless of weight or height, to prevent rolling, pitching, shifting or falling. No one will be allowed to physically “steady” a load while riding in the back of the vehicle.
Securely fastening all doors while the vehicle is in operation.
Securing tailgates in an upright position while the vehicle is moving, except when the load exceeds the length of the vehicle bed.
Affixing a red flag to the end of any load that extends two feet or more beyond the end of the vehicle.
Ensuring that loads do not extend beyond the width of the vehicle.

7. Ensure the safety of all passengers by:
Requiring them to use seat belts.
Not allowing passengers to routinely ride in the bed of a truck. However, when any passenger must ride in the bed of a vehicle, they must be seated at all times. Passengers will not be allowed to sit on the tailgate or sides of the vehicle nor extend their arms or legs beyond the vehicle while it is moving.
Prohibiting any passenger from riding on a trailer while it is being towed.
Prohibiting more than two passengers in the front seat of any vehicle unless additional seat restraints have been installed.
Prohibiting any passenger from riding between bucket-type seats, on the engine cowling or placing a chair between the seats while the vehicle is moving.

8. Drive defensively at all times.

Department Head Responsibility
The Fleet Administrator is responsible for ensuring that YOKS owned vehicles are operated by authorized motor vehicle minders only. They are also required to conduct an annual driver’s license review to verify that each motor vehicle minder holds a valid license and is complying with all restrictions.

Department heads must also:

Immediately notify the Risk Management and Human Resource Offices if a vehicle minder’s license has been suspended or revoked.
Ensure that all employees who frequently operate a motor vehicle on YOKS business attend a vehicle safety class within 90 days of their employment date, and before they operate a YOKS-owned vehicle.
Require that each supervisor review the Vehicle Safety Policy with each new employee before authorizing the employee to operate a YOKS-owned vehicle.
Schedule additional training as required to ensure the safe operation of special purpose vehicles.
Document all training and provide copies to Human Resource Office for inclusion in the employee’s personnel record.

Company Responsibility
YOKS is responsible for equipping each YOKS-owned vehicle with safety equipment necessary for safe operation and as needed. The Company will also equip each of its vehicles with a fire extinguisher.

Accident Reporting
It is the responsibility of all YOKS motor vehicle minders to report all accidents, regardless of damage. Accidents that occur must be reported immediately to Risk Manager. Accidents that occur off YOKS property must be reported immediately to the appropriate law enforcement agency and to the Risk Management Office as soon as practicable.
If an accident occurs on YOKS’ property:

Call or have someone call YOKS Offices and provide information about the accident. Do not leave the scene or move the vehicle until advised to do so by the Office.
Assist injured persons, but do not attempt to move them unless a threat to life exists.
Report the accident to your supervisor as soon as practicable.
Notify YOKS Risk and Safety Department, if you strike an unattended vehicle or object while on YOKS property, but do not leave the scene until given permission by a Safety Officer.
If an accident occurs off YOKS property:
Contact the appropriate law enforcement agency.
Obtain the name, address and insurance company of any and all drivers and
Witnesses involved in the incident. Also record the name and badge number of
The officer who takes the report
Request a copy of the incident report or obtain the case number associated with
The accident if a copy is not immediately available.
Report the incident to your supervisor as soon as practicable.

Accident Review and Insurance
The Risk Management Office and the Environmental Health and Safety Office will review each accident that involves a YOKS-owned vehicle and each incident where a vehicle minder has been cited for a violation of Motor Vehicle Law, or the YOKS Vehicle Safety Policy, while operating a vehicle on YOKS business.

Risk Management will maintain a driving record on each employee driver. Risk Management will notify the appropriate department head in writing to schedule a Vehicle Safety Class for any employee who:

Has been involved in an accident and was cited by the investigating police officer or was determined to be at fault in the accident by Risk Management or Environmental Health and Safety personnel.
Has received two tickets for moving violations within one calendar year. Company Insurance:
Covers liability for personal injury and damage to the property of others. It does not cover deductibles associated with comprehensive or collision damage. Clients with vehicles rented out to them are responsible for any uninsured loss.
Covers management, staff, and minders alike while they are driving YOKS-owned or rented vehicles. When employees operate their own vehicles while on YOKS business, the employee’s own insurance takes precedence over the company’s insurance.







“You” refers to the customer who is to sign the rental agreement and who is entitled to drive the vehicle.

“YOKS” is the rental company named in the rental agreement.

“Vehicle” is the Car, Bus, Truck, Suv, 4+4, Pickups that YOKS is renting to you for the agreed duration of the rental agreement and shall include all parts and accessories fitted to it at the commencement of the rental.

“Damage” is any damage occurring to the vehicle (including glass, light and mirrors) and any damage occurring to third party property where applicable.


You shall hold and produce a driving licence valid in Ghana. The driving licence shall be issued by relevant authorities at least 24 months before the date of the commencement of the rental. In addition to the normal driving licence, an international driving licence is also mandatory if the local driving licence is written in a language different to the one of Ghana and/ or in characters that cannot be read in Ghana. Please note that the international driving licence is valid only if accompanied by the normal driving licence. The Client shall also present a valid identity card or a valid passport if he/she is a citizen of a country other than Ghana.
You shall be aged 20 years and above to be able to rent a self-drive vehicle, 18/19 years will require a chauffeur driven services.

Please note that YOKS accepts Cash, local cheques, and some major credit Cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express, Maestro and Mobile Money Authorisation will be requested on each. Details available at the reservation service centre.
Only corporate institutions that have done business with YOKS for one year and above will be given a credit facility

Prepayment of the estimated rental cost is required. The difference shall be settled promptly on completion of the rental. Delayed payment shall attract 5% interest each day.

Note: The customer shall in all cases be advised accordingly-Rates are subject to change without notice. In the event that the client abrogates the rental contract, YOKS is entitled to 25% retention of any outstanding balance.


The minimum rental day is 6 hours and the maximum is 12 hours; after which the customer shall pay $5 and above depending on the vehicle type for each additional hour the vehicle is used.

All YOKS vehicles are insured comprehensively. The Chauffeur is mandated to be in charge of the vehicle at all times. Reasonable periods for break and lunch shall be allowed the chauffeur.
A daily allowance of five ($5) dollars is to be given the chauffeur within Accra and twenty ($20) dollars outside Accra, thirty ($40) dollars for outside Ghana

Client/Customer is require to inspect and sign the Log sheet including Fuel level and time at the close of each working day


The conditions for choosing this option are as follows:

• The daily rate for this option covers 24hrs.
• The Customer/Client will be required to deposit his/her passport with YOKS for the duration of the rental.
• The Client ought to be above 20 years of age ,
• Possession of an International or Ghanaian Driving Licence will be required,
• Minimum driving experience required is 5 years
• The client shall deposit one thousand dollars, which will be given back to the client if he/she return the vehicle without any incident/accident

Condition of the vehicle

A description of the condition of the vehicle shall be given to you at the same time as the rental agreement.

Before leaving YOKS’ office, you are required to check the condition of the vehicle by undertaking a joint examination of the vehicle together with the YOKS employee present. Where an apparent defect is found which is not already listed in the document, you shall immediately inform the officer of such a case, an amendment shall be made to the document and duly countersigned by both parties.

If the amended document is not countersigned by both parties, the condition of the vehicle shall be as set out in the document given to you with the rental agreement and it shall be assumed that you received the vehicle in proper working condition.

You shall return the vehicle in the same condition as it was provided at the start of the rental. You shall be responsible for any repair or refurbishment costs and these shall be added to the cost of the rental, subject to the conditions of the section “Summary of optional Guarantees” as set out below.

Use of the vehicle

The vehicle shall not be driven by any other person than you, and only under the condition that your ability to drive is not in any way impaired by mental or physical incapacity or restricted by any law

If you wish to travel outside the borders of Ghana, you shall inform YOKS well in advance so that the necessary permits and other documentation is acquired.
You shall take care of the vehicle, keep it in good repair and condition, pay any fines for which you may be liable, reimburse YOKS for any damage to the vehicle, and refund YOKS for any costs it incurs should the company have to repair the damage to the vehicle.

The vehicle shall be provided to you with a full tank of fuel, you shall only refuel the vehicle with the right type of fuel and you shall return the vehicle with a full tank.

You shall be liable for all fees, fines and penalties incurred in connection with the use of the vehicle and for which YOKS is charged, unless they have arisen through the fault of YOKS.

During the rental period you shall carry out the usual checks (engine oil level, tyre pressure, etc.) as would any careful user and you shall respect the maintenance cycle of the vehicle as stated in the maintenance guide, if any.

When parking the vehicle, even for a short period, you undertake to lock it and make use of the vehicle s alarm system if equipped. You shall never leave the vehicle unoccupied with the keys in the ignition.

You undertake to use the vehicle in a responsible manner and in particular, only for the purpose for which it is intended. For a car, this means primarily carrying passengers other than for hire and reward.

In particular, you shall not use the vehicle under any of the following conditions or for any of the following purposes:

– driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other type of narcotic substances, transportation of inflammable or dangerous goods, as well as toxic, corrosive, radioactive or other harmful substances,
– carrying anything which, because of its smell or condition, harm the vehicle or causes YOKS to lose time or money before it can rent out the vehicle again,
– transportation of live animals (with the exception of domestic pets)
– re-rental to or use by other persons,
– carrying passengers for hire or reward,
– participating in rallies, competitions or trials, wherever they may take place,
– giving driving lessons,
– pushing or towing another vehicle,
– travelling on non-paved roads or on road, the surface or state of repair of which could put the vehicle’s wheels, tyres or its under body mechanics’ at risk,
– Internationally committing any offence.
– None of the goods and baggage carried in the vehicle, including their packing and stowage equipment, shall be permitted to damage the vehicle, nor put the occupants abnormally at risk,
– In any way which breaks the Highway Code, road traffic laws or any other laws.

You shall be liable for any offence committed during the rental period which relates in any way to your use of the vehicle, for as long as the vehicle remains in your possession.

Upon the request from the police or any official body YOKS may have to transfer your personal data. Such transfer will be done in accordance with the data protection Laws

Maintenance / Mechanical problems

The vehicle has been provided to you with a full set of tyres in good condition. In the event that any of them is damaged for any reason other than normal wear and tear, you undertake to replace it immediately at your own expense with a tyre of the same dimensions, type and wear characteristics.
You shall stop the vehicle if any of the warning lights on the instrument panel, which are intended to indicate the existence of a mechanical or electrical problem, light up, or if you become aware of anything else which may indicate the presence of a mechanical or electrical problem with the vehicle. You shall inform YOKS immediately in such a situation.

When the rental starts, the vehicle shall be roadworthy and fit for normal use. If it is not, or if it becomes un-roadworthy or unfit for normal use during the rental because of mechanical breakdown, electrical mal-function or accident, you shall inform YOKS office or telephone number that will be given to you from YOKS.

YOKS shall have the sole discretion of choosing to either replace the vehicle or accepting that repairs be done on the vehicle. In the latter case, repairs can only be made after written or oral confirmation from and instructions given by YOKS.

You shall release the vehicle for servicing at every 5,000 kilometres; therefore a replacement vehicle will be given to the client


Principles and Computation

You undertake to return the vehicle to YOKS at agreed place, on the date and at the time indicated on the rental agreement.

The maximum duration of a rental agreement varies from one city to another. And also it depends on the type of vehicle requirement from the customer. The Self Drive rental period is 24 hours, and the Chauffeur- driven option is 12hours per day, starting from the time the vehicle is made available to you. However a 30 minute grace period is applied at the end of every rental.

Extension of the Original Duration of the rental period

Should you wish to keep the vehicle for a period longer than the original duration set out in the rental agreement, you shall first contact YOKS office either by phone or Email in order to extend the duration of the rental agreement. Depending on your location you may be required to come in person to the YOKS office to complete the necessary documentation.

  • Delivery and Collection Terms

In the event that a request is made by a client to YOKS and YOKS agrees to deliver the Vehicle to you at a location of your choice you shall pay additional charges, and follow different instructions.

You shall return the Vehicle to YOKS at the end of the rental period. In a situation where YOKS shall pick up the Vehicle; you shall indicate the date and time of pickup the mileage and fuel gauge reading and other information required on the rental document. You shall do anything else which YOKS requests as a condition of agreeing to collect the Vehicle.

You shall return the vehicle immediately when YOKS requests that you do so., In a situation where the vehicle is not delivered to YOKS upon request, you hereby authorise YOKS to enter your premises and to do any and all other things necessary within the Law to repossess same. You shall be liable for any cost incurred during the repossession of the said vehicle. In addition, YOKS may repossess any vehicle without notice or liabilities where YOKS deems it appropriate that such repossession is necessary for its own protection.

The end of the rental is determined by return of the vehicle and its keys to the rental office or agreed YOKS location.

The vehicle and keys shall be handed over to a uniformed YOKS employee and under no circumstances should keys be given to any person present at YOKS’ premises and whom you assume or purport to be a YOKS employee. It’s explicitly mentioned in writing in the rental agreement the keys shall be returned to YOKS office or YOKS security officer. Under no circumstances shall YOKS accept any liability for items that may be left in the vehicle at the end of the rental.

YOKS strongly recommend that you read carefully this information available at the office;

In the event of Theft, accident, or confiscation
In the event of measures by third parties, including attachment, confiscation or impounding of the vehicle, you shall immediately inform YOKS in writing.
YOKS shall than be entitled to take all measures which it deems necessary to protect its rights; you shall be liable for all damage, cost and or expenses associated with the above measures and for any direct, indirect, consequential damages (such as loss) to the vehicle unless it is demonstrated that YOKS is directly responsible for such confiscation or impounding of the vehicle.

Furthermore, the rental agreement may be automatically terminated as soon as YOKS is informed of such action by the legal authorities or by you.

Any use of the vehicle which may be deemed detrimental to YOKS, shall result in an automatic and immediate termination of the rental agreement.

In the event of an accident, the rental agreement shall be terminated as soon as YOKS receives a copy of the Police report completed and where applicable the third party. If YOKS provides a new vehicle, the rental agreement shall be amended accordingly.

In case of theft of the vehicle, the rental agreement shall be terminated as soon as YOKS receives a copy of the theft declaration made by you to the police.

YOKS shall not be responsible for any loss, theft, robbery or damage of whatever nature relating to objects or utensils transported on, or which are found in the vehicle including baggage or goods.


The total charges for each rental shall be determined by the price list applicable on the website or YOKS office at the time of the rental, rentals with duration up to six (6) months are negotiable

Advance payment for the rental period shall be required at the beginning of the rental.

A client/customer shall enjoy a free distance of the first 100kms.Where a client exceeds the stipulated distance, they shall be liable for to every extra distance travelled, i.e., ten (10) cents per kilometre.

Delayed payments shall attract 5% interest per day. In case contract is abrogated by client YOKS is entitled to 25% retention of the outstanding balance.


In a situation the Clients want to cancel his/her reservation, a day notification is required ahead of time for a whole day rentals, and Hourly or Pick and Drop services 2 hours notification is required.

In the absent of the above notification YOKS shall surcharge the client one day rental amount or one hour for the no show.


Local Cheque, Cash, Visa, Master card, and American Express Maestro and Mobil Money.


All Vehicles are covered by Comprehensive Insurance.

Clients/Customers may be require to take additional Insurance cover for the period in which there are going to use the vehicle, this only apply to self-drive rentals

Important notice:
Damage to the under body-work, roof due to collision with bridges, tunnels, overhanging structure etc., is excluded from the damage cover, unless force majeure can be proved.

You shall be liable for any damages to YOKS when renting a self-drive Vehicle that has been entrusted in your care.

Therefore, in the event of theft or damage to the vehicle you shall indemnify YOKS; the indemnification shall include the amount corresponding to the repair cost, resale value of the vehicle, loss of use and administration charges.




We are respectful and responsible for following through on our commitments to clients, staffs and other stakeholders.

We demand accountability in every aspect of our business from all our staffs.

We make an extra effort to assure that safety standards are at their highest and adhered to.

We believe in achieving challenging goals through superior performance and rewards.

To develop the human talent of our staffs and associates .

‘’To be the reliable leader in the Car Rentals and Travel & Tourism sector’’

To provide our clients with excellent service at all times with a competent and professional staff, and to create value for our stakeholders; by ensuring complete customer satisfaction through excellence, efficiency and security.



YOKS has been able to sustain international standards, service delivery and efficiency, through hard work and total team dedication starting from the drivers’ level through to administrative and executive level. Discipline and a commitment to ensuring quality, timely deliverables are at the core of each member of the YOKS team. A complete automation of its operations is in process for its FMS to handle online bookings, reservations, and payments.


Road safety training programs are available for drivers at all times with period seminars on both driving essentials and customer care. Management ensures that the necessary steps are taken to get everybody on the same page and pulling in the same direction for operational efficiency and improved productivity. Hence YOKS has a track record of the highest safety standards and a reputation that businesses can trust.


At YOKS, we ensure that all our clients and customers experience comfort and safety in all our vehicles at all times. We ensure the utmost reliability in our well-maintained fleet of vehicles and professional drivers and staff who take a dedicated approach per customer for each service offer. We have a track record, over 14 years, of safety in our chauffeured-driven vehicles plus a complete commitment to superior service.


Operating 24/7, YOKS has become the leader in the provision of complete transportation services, especially for Meet & Greet, Airport Shuttle, and Security Escort services which requires specialized skill sets and control procedures to consistently deliver quality and efficient timely services. YOKS will soon opened an Executive Lounge at the Kotoka International Airport to ensure that its services.

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